Living with purpose after the dust has settled!

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Living with purpose

Living with purpose is an age old question. Now we are appearing to move away from the pandemic of Covid19 and the dust is settling. How can you live with purpose? The worlds focus, discussion, complaint was all about a virus and how it was managed for nearly two years, now the conversation is changing! For many the anxiety and stress of what might happen has been replaced by an empty space, possibly a very unnerving space where we are grasping for purpose and direction in life. The political scene, constantly displays the fallibility of people, the international scene the drive of nations to cause harm, death, destruction and dominance with the latest war in Europe

Our questions in this current climate can also lead to deep concerns, possibly anxiety and even fear. In a world that for several generations has tried to remove the truth of God from its narrative, it has also lost the moral compass and the foundational security that is found in a relationship with God. At life Church we are so excited to tell the life changing, hope bringing purpose of God through Jesus.

Jesus told us he came to bring life and that life would be more abundant than mere existence! The Good News we have is truly life changing and in the current “silence” that many are feeling, the question of “what next” and “what is life all about”, we want to help you explore what God has provided for you through Jesus.

We have an online forum to help discussion, why not join in the discussion in our group that is “just looking”, alternatively we host the Alpha Course in September, and if you really want to get stuck in you could join us on a Sunday, or in one of our discovery groups. We also have a YouTube Channel you can subscribe to to watch some videos

Don’t get lost in the silence, reach out to us to connect and find a God based purpose for your life – there is hope, incredible hope and a future for you!

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