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Several shepherds had their different flocks, which they needed to keep safe at night out in the fields, so they lived out there in the fields with their sheep. Until, that is, one remarkable night their watching was thoroughly disturbed by a visitor from another place, soon joined by a whole group of others. Is this the plot of a new science fiction film? No, it is just part of the amazing account of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ into this world, and that we celebrate at this time of year. You can read Dr. Lukes’ detailed account in the Bible (Luke 2:8-21). Jesus coming was not the result of unprotected sex, but the supernatural fulfilment of events that had been prophesied centuries before. If you read the angels’ statements carefully you will find that He came as “good news” and “great joy” for everyone. He came as “Saviour”. He came as “Christ” [Messiah or Anointed One]. Now that is something to truly get excited about this Christmas, because He can be all of those things to you. So take some time to think of Him this Christmas, perhaps read the account of His birth in Luke’s good news, and consider if He is truly all those things to you. If not ask Him to make Himself known to you. You may well be as surprised as those shepherds many years ago.

Why not join us this year to  find out how you can make Christmas “New” for you!

At Life Church our purpose is to help you find the love God wants to give you in a personal and real way. No one comes perfect or “fully qualified”, everyone starts this journey at a different point. The outcome of a life lived out in the knowledge of God is a life of peace, joy and purpose. This Christmas does not need to be the same as every Christmas you have ever experienced, this year could be the start of a very different experience. The shepherds had gone out in to the fields every year and seen the same old thing. That is, until they encountered a Heavenly Host proclaiming new things, good news, hope. Christmas and life may be “old” for you – the answer is found in God’s original design for you. Why not join us and grow in your knowledge of God?



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