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Committed to helping people trust and follow Jesus, live like Jesus and fulfil Jesus mission.

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Thank you for visiting our website! Life Church is a community of believers (a church) passionate about helping people from many varied starting points in their spiritual journey. Whether you are unsure about God at all, new to the reality of God or already further down the line of following Jesus, our aim is to help you in your steps towards personally living a life of peace, joy, hope and purpose made possible through Jesus.

            Don’t feel you have to be “good enough” or “religious” to connect with us. We have a saying “no perfect people allowed” , so please feel welcome to browse through the site and find out more, or join us for one of our events or meetings. We have three goals, to help one another trust and follow Jesus, live like Jesus and become committed to the work of Jesus.

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Our various meetings and events have one of our three goals as their focus. Discover, trust and follow Jesus. Learn how to live like Jesus and start fulfilling the mission of Jesus. So, whether you are just looking and are not really sure about God, or you are looking to develop your Christian journey to a deeper more fruitful one, check out our meeting and learning schedules.

february, 2024

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2 days ago

Life Church
There is hope! In a world of ever increasing turmoil and stress, we have hope through the finished work of Jesus. HOW? You may well ask. The answer to this question is quite easy. Many people, and you may well be one of them, have discounted and disqualified any thing to do with the idea of God or a life lived around His truth. Maybe you have never been introduced to God, maybe you had a bad experience with a so called Christian, or church goer. Maybe you have made up your own mind about life, its meaning and who you are. However, if you are open to a conversation, or beginning to look into God and what this actually means to you, we are here to help. If we are honest, the wisdom of science, politics and the current evolving culture haven't really brought peace of mind, heart or spirit. If you'd like to know more about the life Jesus came to bring, drop us a DM or email, or even pop down to one of our meetings, info on ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

Life Church
Andy is up North few a few days, attending the AOG North area day in Doncaster on Saturday, then Life Church on Sunday. ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

Life Church
Chaos! Maybe you are wondering what is going on in the world, what is going to happen next, can things get worse? Maybe you are choosing not to look at the news, you can't cope with any more stress or worry. Jesus warned us of what was to come, he told us of certain signs on earth that would point to Him. You may not be "religious" or "spiritual", yet with the current world outlook things are pressing you and disturbing you. For us at Life Church we have a perspective on world affairs that, although looks bad, we have an eternal hope. If you'd like to meet up to hear what we know about life, about hope and about the future, please email us or drop us a message via messenger. Jesus came to bring you life, and a freedom of life that brings an abundance of life and freedom from the worlds systems and fears. ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

Life Church
Photos from Bollington Linking Lives's post ... See MoreSee Less
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Can you be found this Christmas?

Can you be found this Christmas?

Mary had it tough! We often portray the Christmas story with Mary riding a donkey toward Bethlehem and giving birth in a stable, as though it were almost clinical and joy-filled. Having attended at least four births, including my own, though I don't remember much...

How to handle expectation

How to handle expectation

Handling our expectation helps us handle life in general! Having travelled in several parts of the world, I have observed an interesting phenomenon. Happiness seems to reduce in direct proportion to our expectations. In Africa, where the normal people have so little...

Living with purpose after the dust has settled!

Living with purpose after the dust has settled!

Living with purpose is an age old question. Now we are appearing to move away from the pandemic of Covid19 and the dust is settling. How can you live with purpose? The worlds focus, discussion, complaint was all about a virus and how it was managed for nearly two...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What days are you services held?

We typically hold a Sunday morning meeting 11:00am through till 12:30pm

Do you hold social events?

We have a social event on a Monday morning each week, this takes the form of a coffee morning and is an ideal time to meet people and develop friendships. We do have other social events, so keep your eye on our calendar.

Do you have social media?

We have a Face Book page and a YouTube Channel as well as an Instagram account. Links to these are on the website or for the YouTube channel , there are links in live events on the calendar.

Do I need to join the church to attend?

You do not need to be a member of the church to attend a service or watch a live streamed event on our channel.

What can I expect if I come to a service or meeting?

Firstly, you'll be warmly welcomed and made to feel comfortable. We are informal and casual in our approach and therefore we really don't have a dress code", so please feel at ease to where whatever you feel good in! At Life Church we say "No perfect people allowed", so don't think you need to be "good enough" or "religious" to come along. We recognise that each person has their own story and we are all a "work in progress" with regard to our spiritual development. It would be great to see you, so come down, relax and meet some great people.