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When you reach the point of deciding to commit your life to Jesus, that is the beginning of a life changing journey. This initial step is not the end! As a church we are really committed to help you not only make your initial decision, but also to helping you grow into everything God has for you to “be” and to “do”.  The various meetings, courses and serving opportunities on this page are specific to meeting our goal of helping you discover and grow in your faith.

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Sunday Meetings

3 Services per Month are aimed at those who desire to connect with God in Worship and also grow though teaching and application as well as meet with others in the process.

1st Sunday

A meeting for believers at which we remember the sacrificial death of Jesus through the symbols of bread and wine. This service is focused on worship and praise as we gratefully remember the life changing death and resurrection of Jesus.

2nd and 4th Sundays   

A meeting where, as well as worship and praise, we gather to hear teaching and develop our knowledge and application of this teaching to help us live like Jesus.

Discovery Groups

These groups are small in size and meet informally in homes, coffee shops, pubs or other comfortable environments.

The aim of the groups is to help people develop in the three areas of life that Jesus specifically instructed.

  • How to trust and follow Jesus
  • How to live like Jesus
  • How to get involved in the mission of Jesus.

The core principle of these groups is to relationally learn together from the Bible, and put into practice what we come to understand and believe. The starting point is a desire to learn, grow and share our story with others.

To find out how to join a group or more info, please contact us.



Short Courses and teaching curriculum

 Occasionally we host specific courses that help develop a specific area of Christian teaching. These will facilitate personal growth and help you live out the true fruitful and fulfilled life Jesus came to give.


Freedom in Christ

 The Freedom In Christ approach to discipleship will transform the way you help you become a fruitful disciple.

Focused on firstly establishing every Christian in the sure foundation of their identity in Jesus, it then gives you the tools to break free and stay free from all that holds you back, and a strategy for ongoing transformation.


Relationship and Marriage

We believe that following Jesus and implementing His wisdom and commands in our lives will transform every area of life. Making relationships work well is not an easy process. In a marriage course, we bring support, help and very practical biblical truth to developing, repairing or enhancing relationships. 



Parenting is a true blessing, but alos can be incredibly challenging. The bible teaches incredible wisdom on how to parent well. This course will give support as well as great insight in to bringing up kids well.


Money Management and Debt

One of the greatest causes of stress in our modern world is debt! The bible brings incredible wisdom on this subject. On this short course, we aim to help and support you with very practical teaching to help you get out of debt and learn how to manage money in a postive way.


Recovery from Addiction

Addiction is a complex issue and takes many forms. We hope to help you through the process of recovery, freedom and continued wholeness though our support and encouragement. We are currently in progress on this particular part of our action groups. But if you need support and help, please contact us – we will do what we can.

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