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About  Life Church

Founded in 1994 by Steve and Teresa Thomas, life church Bollington is now an established local community church with a desire to help those in Bollington and surrounding areas discover God’s purpose and plan for their life.

We are passionate about the work and life of Jesus both in our fantastic community, the surrounding area and the world.

For many the concept of God is outdated, boring or irrelevant. We have found that being part of our church community and having a personal relationship with of God, brings meaning, purpose and foundation to our lives. Our faith in God not only enhances our lives with peace, joy and love but also gives us a true sense of destiny and direction.


As part of our church family, everyone to matters, everyone is important and everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the development of our church vision. 

With God as the central focus of everything we do and God’s Word as the basis for our lives, we want to give everyone in our area the opportunity to trust and follow Jesus, live like Jesus and become a part of our exciting journey completing the mission of Jesus.

We’d love to meet you and share the journey of faith together. Why not join us at one of our gatherings, events or meetings. Just come as you are, you will be more than welcome.



Our Mission

We are part of Assemblies of God GB

The Assemblies of God is made up of over 500 churches in 700 locations throughout Great Britain. We are a Pentecostal movement who believes that every individual can and should have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have the opportunity to be part of a local, vibrant church. We seek to empower local build churches that are relevant to people of all ages – many of our churches attract a large number of young people. In our local expression of church and our corporate identity as a whole, we are committed to transforming communities by reaching out to all individuals regardless of age, race or gender.

Our overseas Mission’s partners are World of Worth

World of Worth is passionate about restoring dignity and hope to women and girls, helping them to understand that they have value and worth. We want women who have been marginalised, neglected and abandoned to experience love and compassion, and provide them with opportunities to transform their world through our WOW Programmes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What days are you services held?

We typically hold a Sunday morning meeting 11:00am through till 12:30pm

Do you hold social events?

We have a social event on a Monday morning each week, this takes the form of a coffee morning and is an ideal time to meet people and develop friendships. We do have other social events, so keep your eye on our calendar.

Do you have social media?

We have a Face Book page and a YouTube Channel as well as an Instagram account. Links to these are on the website or for the YouTube channel , there are links in live events on the calendar.

Do I need to join the church to attend?

You do not need to be a member of the church to attend a service or watch a live streamed event on our channel.

What can I expect if I come to a service or meeting?

Firstly, you'll be warmly welcomed and made to feel comfortable. We are informal and casual in our approach and therefore we really don't have a dress code", so please feel at ease to where whatever you feel good in! At Life Church we say "No perfect people allowed", so don't think you need to be "good enough" or "religious" to come along. We recognise that each person has their own story and we are all a "work in progress" with regard to our spiritual development. It would be great to see you, so come down, relax and meet some great people.

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Meetings & Gatherings

Our various meetings and events have one of our three goals as their focus. Discover, trust and follow Jesus. Learn how to live like Jesus and start fulfilling the mission of Jesus. So, whether you are just looking and are not really sure about God, or you are looking to develop your Christian journey to a deeper more fruitful one, check out our meeting and learning schedules.

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Hawthorn Road,
Cheshire. SK10 5JN

Phone: 01625 578100

Email us: info@bollington.org.uk