How to move towards a new positive attitude

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To move toward a new positive attitude requires a change in perspective. In a world of confusion, a world of promises possibilities and apparent endless opportunities, we often end up faced with disappointment and a feeling of emptiness.

From an early age we hear phrases such as “you can be what you want to be”, as long as you work hard at it. “You deserve the best”, just go for it. As these “ideals” are put to the test during our lives, we often are left with a deep sense of under achievement or even failure as things don’t always work out the way we “worked” for or thought we were entitled to.

The bible tells us that “a hope deferred makes the heart sick“, and this is true! The term depressed probably wasn’t defined as such at this time, yet we can probably all relate to the real sense of emptiness and loss that arises when things don’t work out the way we possibly planned for or dreamt they should.

Some other things that really destroy our attitude and lead us to negativity are comparing ourselves to other people, what they achieve, what they own, what they look like etc. Unfortunately the mindset of comparison is forced upon us at every angle through the images of social media, movies, magazine etc.

At Life Church we are here to help you find out a new way of seeing the world and life, it is a world view that is based on the love of God. It is a view that leads to a new positive attitude. In our society the truth of God has been discarded, dismissed and denied. Removing God has left a void of truth and foundational understanding of how and why things are created and work. At life Church we passionately want to help people understand the deeper reasons and purposes of their lives. We know that as we turn towards God and allow Him to shape our thinking, our attitude and therefore view of life changes and becomes more positive and faith filled. Imagine replacing fear, negativity, anxiety, loneliness and anger with a sense of Joy, peace, kindness, purpose and hope.

If you’d like to know more about this opportunity, please contact us, take a look around the website, we’d love to hear from you to help you move towards a new positive attitude.

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