Good News, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Life Church Bollington

As we begin the slow process of coming out of lockdown, this gives hope and possibly at the same time a little frustration in wanting to be free and able to resume “normality”. The journey from darkness to light spiritually is very similar and can be a frustrating journey of learning and at the same time obstacles and hurdles. In recognition of this tension, where a real understanding of God and the possibilities that truth brings is clouded by our scepticism and doubt, we want to encourage you to prayerfully continue. At Life church Bollington, we are here to help anyone move closer to believing in the work of Jesus, we are willing to talk, discuss even debate – but is an accepting and loving environment. The great news for you is that many of us have actually emerged from the tunnel of doubt, fear and worldly scepticism and now walk in the light! The moment you experience the love of God, the forgiveness of God made possible through the life, death and resurrection of His son Jesus, is an amazing joy filled moment. The bible calls this being born again. As a church we want you to experience coming out of the tunnel into your rightful place and position as a child of God.

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