How To Take Advantage of the Crisis!

Life Church Bollington

Take advantage of difficulty.

No Pain, No Gain! A quote, I believe from Arnold Schwarzenegger. To achieve anything in life, to change anything often requires discomfort.

My question for us to think about this week is this

“Out of the discomfort and inconvenience, possibly pain of the Covid19 pandemic, how have you changed”?

In our church community lots has changed, this has caused pain, separation and relational strain. We love to meet, to laugh, to worship, to eat together. This has been really restricted during the pandemic. However, through this hardship and strain we have learned new skills such as live streaming, zoom meetings, WhatsApp group communication and many other “connecting” tools.


So how has the pandemic affected you? Has it stimulated questions about life, purpose, significance? Quite often in difficulty we think “why me”? Maybe you have asked that question.

As we ease out of lockdown, the effects will go on for many years both in loss, wrecked businesses, broken relationships, financial hardship – it isn’t going to be an easy journey and probably won’t ever be the same again.

Have you taken advantage of this “pain”? I encourage you to take a serious look at your life, what you believe, what you “are about”, before we drift back to whatever normal will look like.

What have you gained from the pain?

My prayer is that you re asses your reason for living, your purpose and that you seriously and honestly look into God, His ways and plans and what He would have for you. We have a choice to use the past 12 months for good, for change and to develop our character, or we choose to allow the situation to suck energy and life out of us.

At life Church we exist to help you on that journey. The church is filled with people from very different backgrounds, all with different stories, yet they have a common thread, in that we all found life out of our brokenness and imperfection. We have discovered that the systems of this world cannot deliver fruitfulness and fulfilment.

Why not push through your pain and ask God for help, and we will do our bit along the way!


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