Don’t Panic In The Pandemic!

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Don’t Panic In The Pandemic!

I’m sure that if you’re honest you’re heartily sick of the current situation we all find ourselves in! The impact of the current lockdown and the stress, anxiety and frustration it is causing is probably very difficult to measure.

We all cope with circumstances in different ways, so how do you deal with the current regulations?

At times of stress and anxiety, when the normal outlets of relationships, meeting up with those we are friends with and support us is removed makes the current situation even harder.

I’m a fairy relational type person, I like meeting with others, I like interaction and “banter”, and in fact I’d say I need it!

During this season of enforced isolation, I have found my foundational belief in God and the truth I have come to believe, that he is not only with me, but for me – a huge boost.

I have found that meeting to worship God each week (when this has been permitted) a true time of blessing and edification or energising. Even though these times have had restrictions such as space and face coverings – just meeting together with likeminded, faith filled people to worship God and thank Jesus for all he is and all he has done have been truly uplifting.

The discipline of gathering together is something our faith requires, a weekly ritual that if broken or halted has consequences of disconnection and lack. Some can’t do this, but again, thanks to our ability to Live Stream, we have been able to stay connected with each other, if only virtually for some people.

As we come out of lockdown, I want to encourage you to make sure you continue and develop the discipline of gathering for worship and community. Maybe you haven’t ever experienced to power of a community of believers who truly want to live for God and worship him?

The power, the foundation and the stability that building a life base on God and His agenda is remarkable, why not join with us and build the resilience only God can give? Join us online or in one of our events or meetings.

Steve Thomas

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