How to make your view of life more positive

A more positive outlook is often a result of reflection of your current situation. Have you ever sat and thought there has to be more to life than this? A moment where what you know, maybe what you have achieved or possibly a feeling you haven’t actually achieved anything of significance. We all face these moments at some point or other in life – sometimes a “come down” after achieving a goal, buying that “special purchase” or attending that “event” you had so looked forward to. Counter to that are the lows, the fails, the pain we sometimes cause in our lives – these moments also raise questions.

In a culture that promises so much, that leads us to believe we can achieve anything if we put enough work in, that entitles us to comfort and pleasure at every turn, it is inevitable that we feel empty, disappointed and even depressed.

At Life Church we are here to help people understand a different world view, a Godly perspective that produces positive view of life, and even eternity.

Incredibly, this view is contradictory to the cultural world view we are “sold” through our education, he media and social media. A world seen through the lens of a Godly perspective is very different. As a Church we exist to help people see a true image of God.

If you have ever had thoughts or feelings of disappointment of life and never considered a Godly alternative to current culture – why not join our online community (on this website), check our Facebook feed, possibly contact us, we would love to help you in your journey.