Connecting With Christmas

As the month of December has already hit us and the pressure and delight of celebrating the Christmas period has arrived. I am using the momentum and energy of the season, created mostly by external forces to help me enjoy this Christmas on a deeper level. Instead of resisting the “celebrations and Joy” those who don’t quite get the real Christmas message seem to hook into, lets decide to allow the  interest, party atmosphere and warmth spur us into worship and praise for the King of Kings.
Jesus brought light into a dark world! We can also take the light of the true Gospel to those around us at this time of year, we can have conversations, celebrations and authentic worship and invite those who do not yet know Him into our experience of Christmas. We can be Scrooge or saint!

Think and reflect on the Joy, the peace and the hope that you have in Christ Jesus, now that’s worth rejoicing in! You can’t buy it, it’s not available on-line or in any store, the gospel of Jesus was all prepaid for you and I, all we need to do is receive it and then pass on the details of the best purchase in history, YOU.

Have a great Christmas, enjoy it, share it and more importantly thank God for leaving the glory of heaven to come down to earth and pay the price for your redemption.


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