Being free

I am convinced that many people allow their circumstances and difficulties to define who they are. This is the opposite of God’s perfect and beautiful plan for us, instead of being blown all over the place by life’s pressures or our difficulties, even health and financial strain, God wants us to realise and believe that He is our creator and Christ’s finished work on the cross defines us.

I don’t know who is defining you, what is defining you? Maybe pain and adversity is your identity, maybe other peoples opinion or your own self condemnation? I am so blessed to have understood that Jesus death on the cross completed an incredible miracle for me, and for you! Jesus took all our sin, guilt, sickness and bore it in his body, this has released the very presence and blessing of God into my life and it can be there for you as well.

For years religion has told us that we are not good enough and we need to work on our behaviour and acceptability, this is a total contradiction of what Jesus came to bring for us. The truth is we will never be good enough in our own strength! However, because of the work of Jesus, He has made us the righteousness of God, all we need to do is receive this and believe! Even the faith to believe is a gift from God.

What are you going to do with Gods grace? Receive and believe, or continue to try and work it out in your own strength and be defined by your weakness or circumstance?

I pray you hear the word of the Lord for your life and enjoy all the benefits He provides.

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