Forward Momentum

At the beginning of every New Year there seems to be an optimistic attitude looking forward. As we tend to lose heart and passion quickly due to many life factors, especially if we fail or do not meet a target it’s important to know how to keep forward momentum.

If we loose sight of the truth that Jesus has done everything that requires doing, and we do not have to perform our way into His good books, this can have a massive positiver effect on keeping up momentum. A true Christian walk, by definition is a journey, in a forward direction towards the truth of the Gospel. If you can work on your belief in the truth that Jesus has qualified you for God’s favour, this helps to empower you when you feel you have not hit the mark. Knowing and believing this truth, will have a radical effect on your forward momentum this year. God has not only given you the desire to do His will, He has actually given you the power as well.

Right now at the beginning of the second month of this New Year, stop and take a deep breath, remind yourself that Jesus has paid the price, He has made you His righteousness and wants you to walk in His love and favour. Do not allow the enemy to bring you condemnation or allow him to accuse you of failure, rather focus on the true majesty of God and His desire to see you grow and walk in the victory He died to give you!

Believe and receive! It is the way of Jesus, any other way is based on your ability and your works, whcih are doomed to fail.

Journey this year and ask the Holy Spirit to open your mind to new truth you can believe in, this is what will keep your momentum.

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