New Year New Thinking

A New Year is always a great time for refreshing our minds on what we purpose to do with the time, talents and resources at our disposal!

The sense of “clean sheet” or “fresh start” can be quite daunting or very exciting, that depends on the type of person you have grown into.

During 2012, I want to encourage as many people as possible to open their minds to the incredible work that Jesus completed on their behalf! He came and carried out His mandate from the Father with  nothing left undone and the job totally finished.

What does this mean for you? Well as the year unfolds, I want to encourage you to find this out! Why not listen to our sermon podcasts and watch this blog space for some simple yet life transforming truths that will open a window of thinking to you that truly brings transformation to the way you see yourself, those around you and the world.

I thank God hat Jesus came to bring me super abundant life, I thank Him daily for the growing revelation He has given me through the Holy Spirit, that I am forgiven, restored, righteous and joy filled. This same truth is applicable to you as well. My prayer and encouragement for you is to find out what is yours in Christ and fully enjoy it and the power for living it releases to you.


Have a great year

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